When you are shopping for a new insurance policy, there are few factors that need to be considered.  Many drivers are not too thrilled about purchasing vehicle insurance, but driving without it is illegal, so it is a necessity.  Many people do not realize that car insurance does not have to be astronomically expensive.  There are four primary aspects of this situation that you should consider, and these primary factors can help decrease your vehicle insurance costs.

1. Driving Record

Your driving record is a major player when it comes to auto insurance.  If you have any incidents, such as tickets or similar citations, you can expect to pay more in insurance.  If you have previous violations that are present on your driving record, but are close to being removed or expiring, it will be in your best interest to wait until the violations are no longer present.  This is one way that you can obtain a reasonable car insurance rate.

2. Status of Ownership

Many drivers in today’s society are leasing or financing their vehicles, which means that they do not own their vehicles.  Due to this fact, many lending institutions require drivers who are in this situation to obtain full coverage insurance.  Full coverage auto insurance can become expensive.  If you own your vehicle, you are able to decide which type of vehicle insurance you would like, whether it is full, basic or your insurance company’s recommended coverage for your vehicle.

3. Employment

Although employment is not a major contributor in this situation, finding a job that is closer to where you live will be the most beneficial.  The more miles you have to travel to work and back home, means that you are on the road more, and therefore are at a greater risk of being involved in a car accident.  The fewer miles you have to travel, the less likely you are to be involved in an auto accident, which can lower your vehicle insurance rates.

4. Location

Where you live is also a determining factor in how much you will pay for car insurance.  Individuals who live in a rural areas may pay less than individuals who live in the cities.  This is because there is not a lot of traffic in rural areas.  When you are driving in the city, the areas are much more populated, which increases the chances of a person being involved in an auto accident.

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