Autism Awareness RibbonSince the year 1970 the National Autism Society together with the United States department of health has celebrated the month of April as National Autism Awareness Month.  During the month of April they have spotlighted Autism and those living with Autism and designated it as a time to highlight just how much we still do not know about this complex developmental disability.

So what special way can residents of Pleasanton, California celebrate National Autism Awareness Month?  Get involved by joining these local and national events.

Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day 

The Autism Society kicked off the month of April by celebrating their 7th annual ‘World Autism Awareness Day.’ You may have missed the kick-off but there are many more ways to join their efforts to raise awareness about Autism and many events are taking place locally right in your neighborhood and community. You can check online to learn more about the local, national and even worldwide events happening for the cause this month.   April is just the beginning, there are many more fundraisers and important awareness campaigns scheduled throughout this entire year.

Wear a ribbon to show your support

You may have seen the multicolored, puzzle piece ribbon worn by many in the Autism community.  This is the universal symbol for autism as the design speaks to the multi-faceted complex disability that is autism.  There is still so much to learn about Autism but together progress will be made through research and education. Wear the ribbon and be the one to stimulate conversation about the efforts of the Autism Society and the importance of education during April, National Autism Month, and every day.

Join a fundraiser walk in your area.

Every year there are Autism Awareness Walks all around the country. Why not join the fun, gain some exercise all while showing your support for the Autism community. With a little research you can discover lots of ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors, friends, strangers or maybe even family members who struggle with Autism every day.

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