Make sure you are getting the comprehensive RV insurance that you need.

Most RV owners understand the importance of securing the right insurance protections for their vehicle. However, with all the different coverage options out there, it can be difficult to make sure that you are securing the right coverages to fit your needs. Oftentimes, RV owners end up making coverage mistakes that cost them in the long run. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you avoid these common RV insurance mistakes.

Mistake #1: Endorsing Your RV on Another Personal Insurance Policy

If you own an RV, you should not attempt to cover it by adding an endorsement onto one of your existing insurance policies. Instead, your RV should have its very own policy. When you rely on an endorsement alone, you leave yourself vulnerable to possible coverage gaps. Instead of this limited coverage, you need to secure insurance specifically designed to cover the unique risks that RV owners face. For instance, the right RV insurance will include vehicle coverages as well as coverages that pertain to the dwelling aspect of your RV.

Mistake #2: Failing to Explain How You Use Your RV

Your insurer should have a clear understanding of how you intend to use your RV. For instance, are you simply using it for the occasional family vacation? Are you using it as housing for a more extended period of time? Are you simply using it to tailgate every Sunday? These different uses may require different insurance coverages to protect against your unique risks; so, make sure you honestly and accurately explain how you intend to use your RV when speaking to your insurer.

Mistake#3: Secretly Renting Out Your RV

This mistake is related to the previous mistake in that many RV owners choose to rent out their RVs (on Airbnb-like platforms) without disclosing this information to their insurers. However, this is dangerous as many standard RV policies will not offer adequate coverage for this use. This is because renting out your RV would be considered a business transaction and therefore not covered under a personal insurance policy. So, if you are planning on renting your RV out, make sure you speak to your insurance provider to secure the right coverages to protect your RV, your renters, and yourself.

These are just a few of the coverage mistakes that RV owners should consider in order to properly cover yourself and your assets when RVing!  If you have further questions regarding your RV insurance, turn to the experts at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your coverage needs. Contact us to get started today.