Since the announcement of the Affordable Care Act, state and federal authorities have reported a rise in the number of complaints about scams. Many of these scams are linked to the Affordable Care Act. A majority of the consumer complaints include deceptive sales practices and identity theft. A majority of these scams are targeting the elderly, but scam artists do not discriminate, everyone is a target in their eyes.

Scam artists prey on a person’s lack of clarity and knowledge about the new laws.

Indicators that you may being scammed include:

  • They offer to help you for a fee.
  • They insist you have to buy supplemental coverage.
  • They sell you an “Obamacare Card,” saying you have to have it.
  • They say they are from the government and need your personal information and credit card number over the phone.
  • Use unofficial websites. Only sign up for affordable health insurance at for Exchange plans or through your carrier websites off the Exchanges.
  • Offer discount plans.

Be careful to avoid scams. If you feel you have been targeted by a scam contact the Federal Trade Commission Immediately or visit the website at

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