Boat Preparation Tips

There is no better way to enjoy the summer season than heading out on your boat. To ensure that your boat is ready for the boating season, keep these boat preparation tips in mind!

  • Give it a tune up – since your boat has been sitting all winter long, a tune up can help to ensure that it runs its best when you head out.
  • Clean out the tanks – fill your gas tanks with new, fresh gas, as well as a stabilizer, which will help to prevent any build up in the gas lines.
  • Plug it up – make sure that the drain plug is secured in your boat, and that your bilge pump is working properly to keep your boat free from water.

It is also important to make sure that you review with family and friends all the safety rules to keep everyone safe while on the water. Make sure that you have enough life jackets on the boat for everyone who is on board. Also, check your first aid kit to ensure that it is properly stocked, and that you have a working fire extinguisher.

Remember also that alcohol and boating is not a good combination. More than 50% of drowning’s result from boating accidents involving excessive alcohol use. Remember, you don’t drink and drive, so don’t boat and drive!  And finally, the U.S. Coast Guard says that operator errors account for 70% of all boating accidents. Make sure anyone who is going to drive your boat is properly trained. You can go to the Coast Guard website at for plenty of info.

Having the right boat insurance coverage can also help protect you and give you peace of mind while boating should you be involved in an accident or break down. Contact Randy Jones Insurance in Pleasanton, California for all of your boat insurance needs.