Protect your home from flooding!

As winter approaches, so does the El Niño season. With the expected stormy weather there is concern in the area about flooding. Make sure you’re covered for flooding and related damage with flood insurance. If El Niño comes, you are going to want to be covered! Here’s what you need to know when looking for a policy.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding.

You may already have homeowners insurance and therefore assume you’re also covered for any flood damage, but that may not be the case. Flood insurance is rarely included in homeowners insurance policies. Take out a separate flood insurance policy, at least 30 days prior to expected rains, to make sure you’re covered!

Flood insurance isn’t just for flooding.

Rising waters from heavy rains that cause damages to your home, are not covered by homeowners insurance. Flood insurance also covers water related damage from heavy rains and certain policies may also cover damage from mudslides. This is where flood insurance is important – especially during concern for El Niño!

Apply early.

Don’t wait until the rains come to purchase flood insurance!  There’s a one month wait before your coverage goes into affect. So if someone applied today they wouldn’t get coverage for 30-days! Make sure you apply as soon as possible!

You can’t wait until the storm comes to obtain flood insurance, get started as soon as possible! Randy Jones Insurance Services provides insurance coverage in Pleasanton, California and the surrounding Tri-Valley and Bay Area. Contact our independent insurance agents for more information!