Don’t let Old Man Winter catch you off-guard. Instead, stay cozy and warm all season after you take four steps that winterize your home.

Seal Cracks

Although they’re small, cracks around windows, doors and your home’s foundation allow cold air to leak inside and warm air to leak outside. With a caulking gun or a professional’s assistance, seal all the cracks you can find.

Inspect Detectors

House fires increase in the winter, and you must protect your family by installing working smoke detectors on every level of your home, in the kitchen and in the hallways outside bedrooms. You should also place at least one carbon monoxide detector on every floor and in bedrooms as you prepare to stay safe in your home all season.

Clean Gutters

As they carry melting snow and ice away from your home, gutters protect your house’s foundation from waterlog and cracks. So, grab a ladder and carefully inspect the gutters around your house. Clean out debris, replace missing or worn hardware that attaches them to your house and replace any damaged sections.

Repair the Roof

Snow weighs heavily on your roof, and any holes or damage increases the risks of a collapse. Roof repair must be part of your home winterizing routine. Visually inspect it if you are able to and then hire a professional to patch, repair or replace any damaged sections as you protect your house and increase comfort.

These four home winterizing tips do more than keep you warm and comfortable all winter. They also protect your house from expensive damage. Learn more about winterizing your home and update your homeowners insurance policy when you contact Randy Jones Insurance today.