Protect your jewelry from theft or loss with the right homeowner insurance coverage.

The holidays have come and gone and Valentine’s Day has come to end. The season of gift giving has slowed, but it’s still important to all of your valuable jewelry. Whether you received fancy cufflinks or a diamond bracelet, it’s important to take good care of these special items. Ensure that you have the right insurance coverage so that your gifts are well protected. Check out what you need to know about insuring your jewelry items.

Evaluate Your Current Coverage.

You likely already have some coverage for your personal property. However, when it comes to pricier pieces, it’s important that your coverage limits are sufficient. Consult with your current policy to see how your newest jewelry pieces fit into the coverage mix or if you need to increase your current coverage. Depending on the value of any one time you may want to look into “scheduling” more valuable pieces.

Appraise Your Jewelry.

It’s important that you know exactly how much your jewelry is worth so that you can insure it properly. Have your jewelry appraised so that you have an accurate idea of how much insurance you’ll need.

Increase Your Coverage.

Once you know how much the piece is worth, talk to your insurance agent. See how to best protect your jewelry from burglary or loss. They may recommend a policy supplement or a different policy entirely. Your insurance agent can help you choose the right coverage for your new jewelry and any other valuables like special collections, money, cameras or musical instruments to name a few valuable items.

Inventorying Your Valuables & Your Home In General Is Smart.

Once you’ve updated your insurance policy, it’s important that you update your home inventory. Take plenty of pictures of your valuable items and miscellaneous personal property and make copies of receipts and the appraisals. Keep them in a safe place along with other important family documents. That way you will have verification for possible lost or stolen items for the insurance company.

When it comes to protecting your jewelry, and other valuable possessions you’ll want to make sure you have the right insurance coverage. Contact us at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California for assistance finding the right insurance policy for your needs.