How Adding Yoga To Your Fitness Routine Can Bring Increased Wellness To Your Life

No, yoga is not a weird eastern thing where people bend their bodies into pretzels. Yoga is a great way to engage your mind and body in pursuing your most healthful self, and is a fitting physical activity for people of all fitness (and flexibility) levels. Here are a handful of ways yoga is good for you:

  • Reduced Stress: Studies have shown that yoga can help you manage your stress. Making space in your life for an hour-long session can help you slow your mind down, and yield calm throughout the rest of your day and beyond.
  • Heart Health: Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. You don’t have to spend hours panting on the treadmill to have a healthy heart; yoga’s gentle practice can tame your ticker.
  • Better Posture: Practicing strength and flexibility will benefit your body all day long, and you may find yourself sitting straighter at your desk and standing taller in line at the grocery store after some time in the yoga studio.

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