Homeowners insurance considerations for high-value homeowners.

High-value homeowners are much more common than you might think, especially here in California. In fact, you could be the proud owner of a high-value home and don’t realize what that can mean if it should be damaged or destroyed. In fact, according to the Natl. Insurance Journal it is estimated that approx. 40% of high-value homes are often underinsured. It is important to understand the proper amounts and types of insurance needed to fully protect your home which is often a family’s biggest asset. If you are a “high-value” homeowner you should . . .

  • Review your current homeowner insurance to make sure you are not underinsured – your home insurance policy should cover what it would cost to rebuild your home, NOT what the market value of your home may be.
  • Determine if you live in a high-risk area for fire, earthquake or flooding and assess what type of insurances you might need to protect your from these types of catastrophes.
  • Check to see if your homeowner policy is “standard” or “superior”.  A standard homeowner policy may not provide enough coverage to properly rebuild or repair your home and guarantee full replacement after a major loss. Your insurance agent can clarify what your policy covers for you.
  • Check your ALE coverage – ALE, or Additional Living Expenses coverage amount within your policy. It should be enough to provide the financial means  for living elsewhere while your home is being rebuilt or repaired.
  • Finally review your homeowner policy for protection for back-up of sewers and/or drains and check with your agent for additional coverage that may be required for high-value items such as jewelry, art, valuable collections, etc. that may require scheduling for their higher values.

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