Earthquake Retrofitting

Most of the large earthquakes that occur in the world happen along the Pacific Coast of the United States. Even though this puts California in the middle of the danger zone, less than 15 percent of homeowners have earthquake insurance.

In addition to investing in the right earthquake insurance policy, earthquake retrofitting your house can work to keep your home and possessions safe. Keep these retrofitting tips in mind to help make your home safe.

  • Cripple wall bolting – a cripple wall is a wood framed, short wall that is in the crawl space of a house. Bracing and/or stiffening the wall can help to prevent it from collapsing.
  • Foundation wall – use bolts to anchor the mudsill of any foundation walls to the foundation of your house.
  • House bolting – most houses will benefit from hold down brackets that will anchor shear walls to help prevent them from rolling or lifting during an earthquake.

For all of your earthquake insurance needs to keep your house and assets safe when the ground starts shaking, contact the insurance professionals at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California.