Over the years, the types of claims that our agency has handled have changed with the times, often due to a more hectic lifestyle and also due to the advent of the internet and social media. The insurance industry is seeing more identity theft claims, cyber-crime claims, bullying liability claims as well as the normal home and auto claims including many more uninsured motorist claims.

Who do you call when a claim arises? What type of assistance or guidance is provided and should you expect? With our experience, we can review the claims incident and get you started in the claims process in order to make it easier on you. Whether it is reminding you about DMV forms to file for an auto accident or explaining the claims process for a homeowner water damage claim, at RJINS we can help explain the insurer’s procedures and your rights and responsibilities as an insured.

Of course, it all starts with the proper coverage being in place before a claim occurs. It is not always about just the price with our customers. It is about being properly covered for your peace of mind. That’s our job and commitment to our customers. If you want an experience advisor during these potentially trying times you can count on us. And don’t forget to recommend friends and family—we’ll take good care of them just like we do for you.