Don’t make these insurance mistakes to keep you best protected.

Insurance can be a very confusing subject, which is why many consumers make common mistakes when it comes to making sure they have the right type and amount of coverages to protect their loved ones, homes and autos.  To avoid some of the most common insurance mistakes keep these “to do’s” in mind:

  • Update your agent –  each time you have a major life change, such as getting married,  having a baby, moving to a new location or remodeling your home, you should let your agent know so that they can help you make the necessary changes to your insurance policies.
  • Know your coverage limits – as things change in your life your limits of coverage may need to be adjusted also. And, if you don’t know what your coverages are, you may think you have more protection than you actually do. It’s important to know your coverages for all your insurances – home, auto, life and health.
  • Take full advantage of discounts – insurance companies offer a variety of discounts for almost every type of insurance. From Good Student Discount, Good Driver Discount, Loss Free Discount to many others – these discounts can help you save big. Your agent should be aware of discounts available and make sure you are getting the most for your policy. Don’t forget to ask though!
  • Speak with your agent about your estate – for example, if your home or properties are in a Trust, and/or valuables such as jewelry, art, fine collections, it/they need to be added to your insurance policies to properly protect them for your heirs should something happen to you. Your agent can advise you about how and what to do.
  • Make sure your home is NOT underinsured – your home is most likely your biggest asset. You’ll want to make sure you are properly covered for rebuild or repair.
  • Don’t get insurance based on price alone –  while price should be a consideration when looking for insurance coverage, it should not be the main factor. Insurance policies differ widely with various deductibles, coverage limits and exclusions that add up to different purchase prices. The bottom line should be to purchase the right policy that will cover you and your assets fully for the best possible price.


To help you find the right insurance policies that will provide the best coverages for your needs whether it’s auto, home, life or health, contact the independent insurance agents at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California.