In today’s tough economy and with busy work and family schedules it is easy to put off paying bills or overlook them.  When it comes to insurance billings it is important to understand that if a renewal or mid-term premium payment is not received by the insurance carrier by the date due, the insurance company lapses the coverage for the policy until the premium payment is received.  Most insurance companies work this way.  And, most insurance companies send not only renewal notices to insured but also renewal/payment reminders and then Pending cancel Notices.  Typically insurance companies send at least two, if not three, billing notifications. 

Many independent insurance agencies like our do not handle billing and do not have the ability to send reminders or make reminder phone calls to insured when premiums are due.  Please know that it is not the agency policy of Randy Jones Insurance to send billing reminders or make billing reminder calls to insureds. We will however, continue to assist insured with questions on coverages and premium adjustments. 

Again, we want to emphasize it is important to pay your insurance premiums on time to keep your insurance coverages in force.  If a policy lapses coverage due to non-payment of premium, then anything that happens to your vehicle(s) or home during that lapsed period WILL NOT be covered.