Take Your Daughter To Work Day Is Coming Up

“Take Your Daughter to Work Day” is on April 23rd   this year, and can be a very exciting and fun-filled day for both of you. Not only can it be a lot of fun but to help it go smoothly, keep these little tips in mind. keep these tips in mind.

  • Plan the day in advance – think about how you are going to approach the day, and what you think your daughter would like to see or do. Talking with your child will give you a better idea of what activities they would enjoy.
  • Talk to your employer and colleagues ahead of time – before you show up to the office with your child, make sure to let your boss and fellow employees know so that they aren’t surprised.
  • Set some ground rules – before you drive to work with your daughter, make sure she knows how you  expect her to act in the professional world. Let her know that all her questions are encouraged, but that they should always be asked in a polite manner.
  • And, if you have sons, don’t worry, “Take Your Son to Work Day” is also coming up!

All of us at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California would like to encourage you to take advantage of Take Your Daughter to Work Day!