Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning and protecting yourself and your family for the unthinkable – the premature loss of a spouse.

It can replace the income lost with the death of a wage earner as well as pay off family debt such as a home mortgage or provide for a child’s college education. It can also provide funds for final illness illness and/or burial costs and pay off possible estate taxes. Life insurance can, in essence, take care of the surviving family members as they adjust to life’s continuing needs without their loved one and their income. Finally, it can also help secure retirement funds for surviving spouses and provide retirement living benefits for the insured with certain types of policies.

We ate to think about it but the unimaginable can happen. Making sure you have life insurance or have enough life insurance can actually give you peace of mind and then you don’t have to think about the unthinkable. It might be a good time to review the current life insurance you have to make sure it is enough to meet your family’s needs or to check into adding it to your family protection portfolio. Now is a good time, because life insurance rate have quickly dropped. Give us a call at RJINS or go on our website to get a quick, no-obligation quote at