This month is an ideal time to focus on healthy living and smart nutrition. By replacing fat, grease, and empty calories with lean meat, fruits, and vegetables, individuals and families will begin to feel healthier. A nutritious diet aids in proper digestion, provides a natural energy boost, supports good mood, and helps with sleep.  With proper attention to diet, the entire body responds favorably.

In addition to eating smarter, drinking plenty of water will also improve health.  By reducing or eliminating caffeine and carbonated beverages, the body feels happier and cleaner.  When we feel thirst, water is what our body craves. Some people report an immediate difference in their urinary and digestive health just by switching from coffee and soda to drinking water throughout the day.

March is National Nutrition Month which brings attention to health.  With a balanced diet, new habits can be created and maintained.  Your hair, skin, and eyes are sure to reflect the absorption of water, proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. Hair should grow faster and be more lustrous, and skin and eyes should be clear. When we stick to a natural diet rather than consuming all the junk available, our bodies say “thank you” by functioning properly.

Do you have health and/or life insurance?  Getting a regular checkup will verify the results of healthy living and smart nutrition. Receiving that clean bill of health from the doctor offers peace of mind like nothing else.  For more information about obtaining health and/or life insurance coverage in California, contact Randy Jones Insurance. Everyone must carry health insurance and trusting your carrier is key; Randy Jones Insurance has a reputation for delivering expert knowledge and professionalism to their clients.