Learn how marijuana usage affects traffic accidents.

It’s no secret that consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car don’t mix. However, alcohol isn’t the only dangerous substance that increases driving danger. As the legalization of marijuana use has increased throughout the nation so has related traffic accidents. Here are a few new statistics you might want to know and share with others about marijuana usage and traffic accidents.

Fatal Car Accidents Increased After the Legalization of Marijuana.

In recent years, recreational marijuana usage has been legalized in several states. Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon have all legalized recreational use of marijuana . Despite the support of legislation, a recent study conducted by AAA has found startling results about traffic accidents and cannabis usage. The study looked at cannabis usage among drivers in the state of Washington to evaluate the correlation between the drug and the prevalence of fatal crashes between 2010 and 2014. The study found that the number of fatal crashes doubled from 49 crashes in 2013 to 106 in 2014 after the legalization of the drug in Washington. Ultimately, the findings of this study indicate that more widespread use of marijuana is becoming more directly correlated with fatal traffic accidents.

Legal Intoxication Limits Are Arbitrary. 

Just as there are legal limits for blood alcohol levels, there are legal limits now for cannabis use. A study conducted by AAA has found that the cannabis limits established aren’t as effective as previously thought. The threshold for legal THC concentrations is five ng/mL in Colorado, Washington, and Montana. However, the study found that this five ng/mL can affect your impairment when driving a vehicle. Of all the drivers arrested for driving under the influence, 70 percent had a THC concentration of less than 5ng/mL. More information is needed about how certain concentrations of marijuana can impair cognitive function so safe limits can be set.

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