Disability insurance isn’t coverage that is often top-of- mind, but it should be!

Disability insurance is designed to offer you financial support in the event that you become disabled and are not able to work and earn a living. Many people do not secure this essential coverage because they believe this can never happen to them. However, this mindset is risky and could leave you in some serious financial trouble if the unexpected should strike. Here are some of the reasons people should consider securing disability insurance.

  • Social Security Isn’t Enough

While most people assume that Social Security benefits are enough to take care of them if they ever become disabled, this isn’t necessarily the case. Oftentimes, Social Security benefits are slow to arrive and may not be sufficient to meet all of your needs. This is why you should still secure disability insurance as an added layer of security.

  • Even Office Workers Can Become Disabled

Even if you do not work in an industry such as construction, mining, manufacturing, or so on, you are still at risk for a major life-altering illness or injury. For instance, office workers who spend all day working at a computer can develop serious repetitive stress injuries or people who sit all day can develop back stress/injuries. These physical issues can also impair the ability to continue working. Disability insurance provides a welcome coverage to fall back on.

  • It’s Less Expensive Than You Think

Disability insurance can cost as little as 1% of your income. In some cases, your job may even offer free disability insurance as part of your employee benefits package. Definitely something to check on with your HR director. With disability insurance more affordable than many other forms of coverage, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in this coverage either thru your employer if available or with your personal insurance agent.

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