Protect your family and give yourself peace of mind.

Whether you buy a new home or just refinance your existing home, once the loan process is completed, it becomes part of the public record. At that point, you will be bombarded by offers to buy life insurance to be able to pay off your loan if something unforeseen happens.

Many people only carry life insurance through their employers. Once they change jobs or retire, they may lose their life insurance coverage. At that point, especially if retiring or with any health issues, life insurance can be more expensive to obtain to protect your family and your home. Life insurance is less expensive when put in place when you are young and in good health. Another good time to start it is when you are also starting a family!

Buying life insurance outside of that provided through employers to pay off a mortgage makes good financial sense, especially if the surviving family member(s) would have difficulty keeping up house payments and the lifestyle your family is accustomed to. If having peace of mind knowing that your family will not lose their home and their needs will continue to be met is important to you, give us a call at Randy Jones Insurance Services for quick, no-obligation life insurance quotes. We have been providing life insurance quotes and guidance for many years and can answer your questions about this protection. You will be surprised at how cost effective it can be for the peace of mind it provides!