Over the last several months people all over the country have been getting quotes and applying for health insurance through either the new government healthcare exchanges or directly with carriers off the Exchange.

This is a reminder! In California the state Exchange is called “Covered California” and the Open Enrollment period continues only until 3-31-14.  After this date the ONLY way to purchase individual health insurance would be if a person has what’s called “a qualifying event”, such as an unexpected loss of employer-based health benefits.

Since health insurance is now mandated by “The Affordable Care Act”, if you cannot prove to the IRS when you do your taxes that you have complied with the new mandate in securing health insurance in 2014, you will be fined when you complete your 2014 tax return. Randy Jones Insurance Services is a “Certified Covered California” agent. So, we can help you comply with the mandate and help you at the same time secure important health insurance benefits. Remember, in many cases you may qualify for premium assistance tax credits as well as subsidies for claims. Give us a call if you’d like some guidance on any of the health insurance mandated requirements and/or to apply for health insurance coverage before the Open Enrollment period ends!