Recently the news has been filled with data breaches like Home Depot and Target experienced. As this becomes an increasing possibility, it is important for individuals as well as companies of all sizes to protect their company data, client data and personal identity and information. ID theft insurance coverage for individuals, and cyber insurance if you are a business owner, are becoming more available and worth looking into. Both are relatively new coverages now being offered through a variety of insurance carriers. Most homeowner insurance policies offer ID theft coverage which can include professional advice on getting your identity restored in the event of theft, coverage for lost wages while going through the process of restoring your identity/data, changes and/or charges to financial accounts and notifying credit agencies of necessary changes.

As a business owner, cyber insurance helps protect loss of data and expenses incurred to restore your data and to set up safety measures to secure your company going forward.

It is worth looking into whether your current homeowner or business insurance policies already offer this coverage or if they can add it to your existing policy. Give us a call and we’d be happy to review your coverages and your options.