Ensure that all your insurance needs are handled by a personal independent insurance agent. 

As access to information has evolved over the last several years, some have questioned the need for independent insurance agents. If information is available 24/7 online or from call centers, why would you need professional advice? One only has to look at two factors to answer this question:


  1. Who will advise you regarding coverages you “really” need to adequately protect yourself, your family, and/or your business. This is opposed to the alternative who outsources to unfamiliar voices in order to simply cut costs. Who has your best interests at heart, a trusted advisor who knows your personal situation or a call center staffer who does not?
  2. When you experience a claim situation, do you want a call from your personal insurance agent to go over what you should expect, how to handle the claim for the best possible resolution for you and the ramifications of a claim, OR do you want to just talk to a call center rep who will simply take possibly minimal information and pass you along when an accident or tragedy occurs?

In reality, the need for a trusted, knowledgeable agent has never been more important than in today’s society and with the multitude of insurance needs people have today to fully protect themselves. Add up all you pay annually for your insurance policies. It will probably be higher than what you pay for your accountant, attorney or physician. Don’t you think you deserve an experienced professional to help you manage your insurance needs? If you answered yes, then feel free to give Randy Jones Insurance Services a call or email at any time. We’re here to provide you with advice and service you can trust.