Graduation is a time for celebration of completed milestones in a young person’s life. While fun and celebration are the main goals, it is important to follow these important safety tips to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves safely and responsibly:

  • As a parent, it is your responsibility to ask your child the main questions regarding their post-graduation celebration plans. If you can, try to throw the graduation party yourself so that you are in control. If the graduation party is not at your house, be sure to ask your child Who, Where, When and also get the contact information of the parents and a few close friends.
  • If you are throwing your child a graduation party, remember that any alcohol consumed by minors becomes your responsibility. California law is cracking down on under-aged drinking, especially when it is condoned by adults.
  • Your children are probably tired of hearing the lecture, but be sure to emphasize the importance of appropriate limits. Offer a safe ride home to avoid any drinking and driving concerns. Your child may be smart enough not to drink and drive themselves, but will they refrain from being a passenger?

By following these important graduation safety tips, you can ensure that everyone has some good, clean fun! Located in Pleasanton, California, Randy Jones Insurance strives to bring you the absolute best coverage. Contact the insurance experts today to get a quote.