While settling into a new home is an exciting experience, the moving process may not be as fun. In order to help make moving easier keep these 5 helpful tips in mind:

  1. As soon as the papers are signed and the move is finalized, start packing.
  2. Start with sorting your personal belongings into three separate piles. You should have a keep pile, donate pile, and toss pile. Box any items you won’t be using during the move such as your winter jackets.
  3. Make a list identifying the contents contained in each box. This will ease your worries tremendously.
  4. Color coordinate your boxes per room and then place a colored sticker at the door of each room corresponding to their specific color. This way, when the movers are unloading your boxes, they will be able to put the boxes in the appropriate room, easing the unpacking process.
  5. Most importantly, set aside any important papers and documents that may need to be accessed during the move. Keep these papers with you at all times. Do not leave them with the moving company.

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