Despite popular belief, your standard homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover injuries of or damage caused by an independent contractor while working on your property. While you’re busy trying to make all of your repairs and home improvement projects complete before summer’s end, it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your home and assets will be protected in the process.

When hiring any type of independent contractor to perform work on your home, the first step is to request verification of their company’s insurance and state contractors licensing. Independent contractors, even cleaning services, are required to have proof of their workers’ compensation policy as well as a commercial general liability insurance policy. Before allowing any work to be performed on your home, you should confirm that your contractor is licensed in your state.

We don’t recommend working with independent contractors who fail to provide the necessary insurance coverage and licensing proof. Working with uninsured contractors can open you up to liability for any damages or injuries caused by the work or the workers themselves.

If you are planning any projects this summer, feel free to contact us at Randy Jones Insurance Services. We are available to advise you regarding this aspect of personal homeowner liability coverage.