Does your auto insurance policy cover you when borrowing a friend’s car? While you may think that it is no big deal to drive your friend’s pick-up truck to complete your summer home renovations, you may not be covered. Typically auto insurance policies are attached to the vehicle, not the driver. It is best to check with your insurance agent and/or carrier before you borrow a vehicle or lend yours.

In some instances, resident drivers (other people living in the household i.e. relatives or college students living with unrelated roommates who might have access to their car), should be reviewed with your insurance agent or carrier to make sure you are properly covered and that the other “residents” are either officially excluded from your primary auto policy or added as rated drivers. Most insurance carriers in California require a policy holder to exclude or rate resident drivers.

If you have any questions regarding letting people borrow your car, and/or college students away at school with their vehicle with roommates, feel free to contact Randy Jones Insurance, located in Pleasanton, California. We’ll be happy to review the above with you, especially before your student takes off!