The expense of college is no surprise, however, but when your child goes off to college you’ll want to make sure they are protected and so are their personal belongings such as laptop computers, electronics, bicycles, furniture, cell phones, etc. We understand you have a lot to plan for when it comes to sending your child off to college, and that is why we have noted below, some must-know information in regard to insuring your college student while they are away from home:

  • If your child will be leaving their car at home while they live away at school, you may qualify for the distant-student discount. This will provide you with extra money to put towards their education when they are not using their car.
  • If your child will be bringing their car with them to school, it is important that you inform your insurance provider. Depending on the particular city, state and type of their new residence, you may need to update your auto insurance policy to comply with your carrier’s underwriting guidelines.
  • If your child will be living in a dorm, their personal property should receive limited coverage under your homeowners’ insurance policy.
  • If your child will be living off-campus in an apartment or house, you will want to look into a renters insurance policy for them. This separate policy will offer personal liability protection and coverage for their personal property. Many apartment complexes and landlords today are requiring their tenants to have their own renters policies.

Contact Randy Jones Insurance for all of your California insurance needs. We can provide you with the confidence that your new college student is well-protected while they are away at school . . . and so are you!