As always, we promise to go above and beyond to provide you with the most affordable insurance solutions. By working with our reputable line of carriers, we are able to continue this promise, even when it becomes time to add your teen driver to your policy. By working hand in hand with Safeco, we are able to provide you with their Teen Safety Rewards Program that allows you to receive optimal protection for your new teen driver at a rate you can afford.

The Safeco Teen Safety Rewards Program in general pushes both parents and teen drivers to drive safer on the roads. Since you know that your auto insurance premium depends on it, you will naturally be more cautious behind the wheel.

The Safeco Teen Safety Rewards Program will reward your teen, on your policy, with a less expensive auto insurance premium if they are able to maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher and carry 12+ units or more. Likewise, we will also give you a break on your auto insurance if your teen chooses to attend a non-local school and leaves their car at home. This is often the case for first year college freshmen! Some of our other carriers, such as Mercury and Kemper also offer teen, good driver discounts also.

There is no reason to panic when it comes to insuring your teen driver, just call us!

Contact Randy Jones Insurance in Pleasanton for all of your California auto insurance needs. With so many auto insurance discounts available to you, we can help guarantee protection with an affordable policy for you and your teen driver.