Here’s how a little spring cleaning can help you avoid risks around your home.

Spring is finally here and for many homeowners, this means that it’s time to clean and complete routine home maintenance tasks.  While spring cleaning certainly makes your home look better, did you know that it can also make your home safer?  Here are some of the ways that spring cleaning and maintenance can help you avoid filing insurance claims.

Cleaning Your Gutters

During the winter months, debris can accumulate in your home’s gutters.  This is why one of the maintenance tasks you should accomplish this spring is cleaning out your gutters.  If you don’t, your gutters could become clogged and overflow.  This, in turn, can cause your roof to leak or sustain other damages.  If you would like to avoid filing a claim for a damaged roof, make sure you clear out your gutters.


Winter weather can cause the walkways around your home to become cracked and damaged.  Additionally, heavy rains and snowfall can result in holes in your lawn.  Both these issues can pose a walking hazard.  This spring, repair these issues to prevent someone from tripping and injuring themselves on your property.  This will reduce your chances of a serious liability issue.

Clean Out Your Dryer

Finally, you should make a point to clean out the vents, pipes, and tubing that lead to and from your dryer.  Do your best to clear away all the dryer lint that has accumulated throughout the winter.  The less lint that’s there, the lower your risk of a starting a serious house fire.

Make sure you take care of these spring cleaning and maintenance tasks to avoid having to file insurance claims this season.  Are you looking for homeowners insurance coverage this spring?  Then turn to the experts at Randy Jones Insurance Services.  Located in Pleasanton, California, our dedicated team is ready to get you covered.  Contact us to get started today.