Planning a wedding without experiencing some anxiety is nearly impossible. You can minimize some of the anxiety by  obtaining protection in the form of wedding insurance. Many people don’t even know there is such insurance! When questioning if insurance is really necessary, consider the alternative.

As the wedding season approaches, many brides begin to panic, consumed with worry over possible mishaps. It’s comforting to have a “safety net”; we call it wedding insurance.  When a bride-to-be realizes outside factors can influence the day, she must accept that she is at the mercy of everyone and everything coming together. Any number of situations can potentially deter the most perfectly laid out plans.

Of course, many weddings go off without a hitch, but there are times when things go awry. In case of severe weather, the wedding site could become damaged or even inaccessible. The caterer might get sick or her dates get mixed up and she is a no-show. O, the groom might be unexpectedly called to report for military duty just weeks before the wedding date. Any number of unplanned events can send a wedding celebration into a tailspin. With all this money at stake, it is wise to invest a few hundred dollars in special wedding insurance.

In the event that a wedding is cancelled or postponed, many insurance companies will reimburse the deposits and charges already paid to the wedding vendors, and travel costs. The most important component of wedding insurance is the personal liability component which would provide coverage in the event someone is hurt while at the wedding.

Note:  All vendors should carry their own liability insurance; make sure.  Obtaining wedding insurance is necessary and affordable and should be secured well ahead of time because there are deadlines. With the proper protection, a wedding has the potential to be an absolutely perfect celebration, even if the original date is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The prepared bride is a blissful bride because she knows that her special day will be memorable for all the right reasons.

You can give us a call or contact us at Randy Jones Insurance to obtain peace of mind for your special day. With a friendly discussion, coverage will be tailored for your situation and the stress of your wedding will be greatly lessened. Randy Jones Insurance understands that your big day should be about the union of two people, not about worrying about  the “what if’s” of the wedding details.