Protect your identity information from theft with these tips.

Digital technology has helped to improve our everyday lives. However, along with all this technology come certain risks, especially when it comes to identity theft. With our personal and financial information accessible online, the risks of exposing sensitive information increases. While there are many advancements to help reduce this risk, it’s important to be vigilant and take your own steps to lessen the possibility of identity theft. Check out these helpful tips to help reduce your risk for identity theft.

Types of Identity Theft.

When it comes to identity theft, there are different ways through which thieves can use your information. It’s important that you’re aware of these types of threats so that you have the necessary tools to protect yourself.

  • Account Take Over Fraud.
  • Card-Not-Present Threats Fraud.
  • New Account Fraud.
  • W-2 Fraud.

Identity Theft Prevention Tips.

  • Review Your Accounts. From your credit score to your bank account, it’s important that you review your financial information on a regular basis so that you can look out for any signs of fraud. Ensure that the information is correct and up-to-date. If anything is amiss be sure to investigate so that you can catch theft before it gets out of hand.
  • Step Up Your Password Game. Often our financial information can be accessed digitally. Ensure that you use a strong password to protect your information. Choose a password with letters, numbers, and symbols so that you can lessen your risk for a breach in your personal information.

When it comes to your identity, it’s important that you protect it. Use these tools to help you protect your information. Help to get the protection that you need with the right insurance coverage. Contact us at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California for assistance finding the right insurance policy for your needs.