These items are at the greatest risk for theft during a home burglary. Be sure to keep them safe!

Your home is a source of your security. It’s a place to rest your head after a long day. A place that you can call your own. However, any home can be at risk for burglary. The time it takes a burglar to ransack your home is relatively short, but a home invasion can cause a lot of damage both fiscally and emotionally. Make sure to protect your valuables and take a home inventory. That way you know exactly what you have and the items’ values in the event that your personal property needs to be replaced. Additionally, be sure to take these precautions to secure the most commonly stolen home items.


Your laptop goes where you go, but its mobility makes it an easy target. Should you leave your computer just lying around, it is easy to pick up. While many of us don’t put our laptops away, it’s important that you do. Make sure to keep it in a secure place when you’re not using it, and always be sure to password protect it.


From your cell phone to your camera to your Xbox, you have a lot of expensive electronics lying around the house. While you may not think anything of it, leaving your valuables out puts them at risk. Put them in a safe place or even bolt them down. For instance, you can mount your flat screen television on the living room wall. The harder it is to take – the safer it is.


Don’t leave your jewelry out! Be sure to lock it away in a safe when you’re not wearing it. Leaving it floating around the house increases your risk of losing it or being snatched up.


Don’t keep large sums of money in your home. Burglars know all the tricks of hiding cash. From the back of a toilet to the freezer, to your nightstand, they know where to look. Keep your money in the bank for safekeeping, or if you must keep cash around your home get creative with your hiding spots.

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