Having an irregular heartbeat or any other pre-existing health condition does not automatically make you ineligible for life insurance. You will more than likely qualify for a good policy if you are honest about your pre-existing health conditions and provide your medical records so that your agent has all of the information they need. An agent can choose from numerous reputed insurance providers to find a policy that will provide sufficient life insurance coverage.

Choose a Reputable Insurance Provider That Suits Your Requirements

Everyone deserves a life insurance policy they can rely on to help protect their family. Many life insurance companies offer policies meant for individuals who have some pre-existing health condition. Each company is different, however, and may have other eligibility requirements for every pre-existing condition. If you have a pre-existing condition, you will want to work with an agent who can find the right policy for you.

Be Prepared to Answer any Questions About Your Condition Accurately.

The key to getting the best possible policy is to be as honest as you can. You will more than likely have to provide some medical documentation to support your claim of good health. Lying would be pointless once your agent has your medical records, so being as truthful as possible will get you a better deal. In addition, your agent will have a list of questions prepared for you based on your medical records and what they contain. Therefore, being as honest as possible is a must.

Be Honest!

When answering any question on your life insurance application, always be as honest as possible. Inadvertently giving false information, either by accident or omission, won’t help your case, but you may not experience too much of a backlash if the misinformation is caught early enough. Your medical records will contain the most accurate information. Making sure your information matches your medical records is essential so as not to jeopardize any future payout.

Review All of Your Insurance Options Carefully

A good agent will be able to offer you several policy options to choose from. When it comes to finding an affordable policy that covers pre-existing conditions like an irregular heartbeat, you must analyze the policies carefully. Finding the right policy for you will take time. Make sure you read the fine print and learn as much as you can about a policy before you purchase it. Remember that most probably, your medical condition will affect your insurance rates.

If you have a pre-existing health condition, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a good life insurance policy. Talk to the insurance experts at Randy Jones Insurance Services to get the information you need about getting a life insurance policy. Finding the right policy will give you the peace of mind you need to live life to the fullest and still provide your family with financial security. Taking care of yourself should always be your top priority, but taking care of your family with a quality life insurance policy is a must.