Make Sure You Have The Coverage You Need And Savings You Deserve At Your Annual Insurance Review

Reviewing your insurance does not have to be a tedious, boring process. In fact, with the right insurance agent you might find you enjoy getting extra insight into your protection and extra money into your wallet. When you meet with your agent, or just give us a call,  for your annual insurance review, ask us about:

  • Your Coverage: If you have made any changes to your home in the last year—such as finishing adding a new roof, remodeling a kitchen or adding a shed, let your agent know. He or she will make sure your policy is updated properly to make sure your improvements are fully covered.
  • Your Valuables: Make sure you aren’t left footing the bill for a stolen or lost piece of jewelry; ask your agent about your policy’s limits on valuables and make sure you schedule unprotected items into your policy. Not all expensive personal property is automatically covered on an insurance policy. There are varying limits depending on the policy type. For example valuable pieces of jewelry, musical instruments, etc. should be discussed with your agent to determine if they need to be individually scheduled to fully protect them. Scheduling items also often doesn’t’ require a deductible.
  • Your Transportation: If you have made any type of changes to your cars, like sending one off to college with your student, or your child is now out on their own living elsewhere, or reducing your commute due to a job change, or becoming a stay at home mom, give us a call so that we can update your auto policy to make sure you are properly covered. When changes are made in a household they can affect your coverage so it is important to make sure with your agent that everything is up to date and accurate.
  • Your Money: If you have made lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, or home changes like installing a security system, let your agent know. He or she should be able to point out how you can maximize your savings this year.

We are one of those agencies who take pride in providing our clients with not only annual reviews but we try to do quick reviews with clients every time we speak with you when making any change at all to your policies. When you call in on one type of policy change, we take a quick look at how it might affect your other policies also.  We take the time to make sure you are maximizing your coverage and your discounts.  Contact Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton for all of your California homeowner’s insurance needs.