Learn what to ask when you’re in the market to buy auto insurance.

It’s important that you invest in auto insurance to protect yourself, your assets and others. Should something happen to your car, you can rest easy knowing that you have the necessary tools to pick up the pieces. However, choosing the right auto insurance policy can be confusing. Before you settle on a policy, check out these top questions that you should ask before you purchase auto insurance.

What type of car do you own?

When it comes to choosing the right insurance policy, it’s important that you consider the type of car that you drive. Certain cars are at a greater risk for damage or theft than others. Weigh this factor into which policy you choose. It may be in your best interest to invest in a policy with greater coverage for cars that are at a greater risk.

How often do you drive?

Consider how often you drive so that you can determine how much coverage you need. The more you drive, the greater your risk for an accident. Therefore, you may want to invest in more coverage. If you don’t drive often, you may want to think about a mileage-based policy.

What coverage requirements must you meet?

It’s required by law for every car owner to purchase auto insurance. That way if you’re involved in an accident, you’re able to repair the damages. When looking for an auto insurance policy, review your state’s requirements so that you can ensure that you meet the minimum insurance requirements. Once you choose a policy that meets the bare minimum, then you can choose to add on to your coverage. We suggest, however, higher limits than the State of Ca. minimums – 15,000/30,000/10,000. You’ll be better protected! Give us a call and we can explain why.

Know that you’re getting the right auto insurance coverage for your needs when you ask the right questions. Contact us at  Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California for assistance finding the right insurance policy for your needs.