People insure their homes and autos for unforeseen claims events and their lives with life insurance in the event of a premature death. What many people still lack is protection for the loss of their incomes in the event of a total disability. As the length of time one may be on disability seems to be increasing these days, the question is whether one can maintain their financial security when the loss of income reaches two, five or 10 years or even much longer. Personal disability policies can either be the primary income replacement vehicle or act as a supplement if one carries group disability already from an employer. Protection for loss of income due to an accident, stroke, heart disease or cancer, can help a family maintain their financial security.

Disability income is an important component to overall financial security and a solid financial plan. Please contact RJINS if you’d like assistance in determining your family’s needs and your eligibility. This coverage decision could be one of the most important ones you’ll ever make. We look forward to hearing from you!