California Drought

Even with the recent rain showers, California is entering into its fourth straight year of severe drought, which means possibly even stricter water restrictions will be put in place.

According to Max Gromberg, the State Water Resources Control Board Climate Change Advisor, says that the snowpack is the lowest it has ever been, which means that very little runoff is heading to reservoirs and rivers. The  low snowfall and rain of this past winter has already resulted in seriously low water reserves throughout the state.

Many water suppliers in urban areas are limiting the number of days each week that people can water their yards. Restrictions are being put on watering lawns two days after a rain storm. Most people do not understand that half of all water that is used in urban areas is used outside their homes. Strict guidelines are also mandated for restaurants, hotels and many businesses on the amount of water that they can use which then affects their products and services to the public. Bottom line: we recommend you conserve water where ever and whenever you can.

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