Holiday Shopping Tips To Keep You & Your Finances Safe

The holidays are coming, which means we will soon be in the gift-giving mode.  As we scour the stores for the perfect presents, it can be easy to forget about our personal safety. We care about you, and do not want you to experience a threat during your holiday shopping . We’ve  created a list of safety tips to keep in mind as you make your way to the mall or shopping center. Here are our suggestions:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings. If you feel like something is not right, it’s smart to pay attention to your instincts.
  • Remember to make a mental note of your location each time you park your car. If you find yourself lost in a parking garage, you can become stressed and confused, which can make you an easy target for a criminal.
  • Take a friend or family member with you to shop. There is safety in numbers.
  • Leave your large sums of cash at home before visiting a crowded shopping center. Crowded locations present the perfect opportunity for untrustworthy individuals to pick pockets.
  • Do your best to conceal purchased merchandise or valuable belongings when leaving them in your parked car. It is best to put them in a locked trunk where they are not visible.
  • If you plan to do any online shopping, try to remember to always check for “https” in the URL of any site on which you are entering personal information. The “s” stands for “secure”.

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