Get through holiday travel stress-free!

The holidays are a season for spending time with family and friends. Whether they live near or far, chances are you’re going to have some holiday travel. Keep your travels stress-free with these helpful travel tips!

Do your homework.

Before you set out on your journey, check on the logistics of your trip. When flying check on any airport delays or baggage restrictions from the airline. If driving, plan out your route! Make it fun and stop at interesting places along the way!


It’s a hassle to check your bags and it’s getting expensive too! Strive to bring a small carry-on suitcase so you can avoid the baggage claim wait and forget the worry of lost luggage. Just remember to check the TSA restrictions to ensure you sail through security.

Bring snacks.

Low blood sugar and long travel days are not a good mix! Make sure to bring snacks and drinks with you. Just remember you likely won’t be able to bring liquids or gels through airport security.

Take advantage of off-peak days.

During the holiday season travel gets busy! From traffic to flight delays the roads and skies can get a bit crowded. Reduce your stress and travel on the day of the holiday, like Christmas Day. Often everyone rushes to get to their destination before the start of the holiday, so use that information to your advantage and travel stress-free!

Be flexible.

Expect the unexpected. There are various facets of travel that are out of your control. Traffic, bad weather, and flight delays may derail your plans a bit, but don’t let it get you down! Allow plenty of time for yourself to get to and from your destination. Leave a day early so that you won’t stress about getting home in time for work Monday morning.

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