Owning a business can be truly rewarding but it can also be a (true-delete) challenge as well. When it comes to making sure you are financially protected, both from a business standpoint as well as a personal standpoint, having the right insurance is essential. You need to make sure your business owners policy gives you enough protection so that any business insurance issues that may arise don’t impact your personal finances.

Working with an insurance agent that understands the needs of your business is important in order to get the right advice and best access to excellent business insurance carriers.  As a business owner, you know that having liability insurance and protection against such things as water damage, fires, etc. is critical. However, every business is different and there may be aspects of your business that a standard BOP (business owners policy) doesn’t cover. That’s why having an experienced, knowledgeable insurance agent is important.  Having a sound BOP policy in place will give you the peace of mind to be able to focus on building and running your business not worrying about the “what if’s.”  If your business is in the Tri-Valley / East Bay area, the firm to contact for a complete business insurance package is Randy Jones Insurance.