Why do people insure their homes and autos in case of losses but often neglect to protect their actual lives and their “livelihoods” for loss of income? Do they consider their home or autos more important to their family than the impact of losing a parent/spouse or the loss of income provided by that parent or spouse due to a serious disability or death? More often than not, most people just don’t want to discuss these possibilities or even think about them. It is not as difficult as it may seem to address these possibilities. And, people who have unfortunately experienced these life changes and have had protection in place, have been thankful they did.

It is easier than you may think to prepare for the worst and then “forget about it”!  Life and disability income insurances can be even more important to a family’s future wellbeing.  You can easily replace a car but you may not be able to replace lost income due to a disability or death.  There is never a good time to consider the “what if’s” but when you do, it will be done and you’ll feel more secure going forward for you and your family. We can easily assist you by discussing the many options available – the best, and most affordable options. And, right now life insurance rates are low. Now is the perfect time to inquire if you haven’t already and if you’d simply like your life and/or disability insurance reviewed, we’ll do that too. Give us a call at RJINS – we’re here to help.