Life insurance needs have changed dramatically over the last 30 years. The baby boomer generation bought life insurance outside of the workplace to protect their families and be in place to pay off a mortgage or provide loss of income benefits should a spouse pass away. The trend we are seeing today in the younger generation –Millenials—is to look at their employer-based (offered) life insurance as all they will need.  They don’t seem to be purchasing personal life insurance outside of the work-offered plans like their parents did. This is mostly because of the high face amounts available through work and the poor job insurance agents have done to educate both employers and employees.

What if you lose your job and thus your life insurance? Will you be able to qualify for life insurance based on your health at that time? Guaranteeing your insurability is one of the main reasons to buy life insurance when you are young. Once you have it, they cannot take it away. Throw in the options to help with retirement planning the old aspects of just protecting your loved ones, and it makes good sense for all of us to review our life insurance needs and plan now for what the future may bring. RJINS has a life quote tool on You can get basic information and even some quick life quotes online on our website. You can also get info the “old fashioned way” by calling us!