There are many factors that can affect your auto insurance rates. Two of the most important ones are traffic tickets and the amount of miles you drive annually, especially if you commute.

Research shows that the typical California driver averages approximately 13,000 miles each year. Each of those 13,000 miles puts you at a higher risk for getting in a car accident. Therefore, it only makes sense that your insurance rate would be affected by the amount of miles you drive each year. Your increased vulnerability by being on the road more frequently can be seen in your insurance premium. Each year, your insurance carrier or agent will request an updated odometer reading in order to provide you with accurate auto insurance rates. If your driving situation changes due to employment changes, retirement, relocation, or any other factor, be sure to inform your insurance company. You may be eligible for a discount if your commute is shortened.

Likewise, the amount of traffic tickets you have on your record along with your accident record affects your auto insurance rate.  A traffic violation like running a red light or stop sign, making an illegal turn, speeding, etc. equates to one point on your insurance which translates to anywhere from $120 to $150 typically each 6-month insurance term, or approximately $300 more per year, per citation point. Tickets/points remain on your driving record, and are charged on your insurance, for three years. The most serious violation, driving under the influence, can result in up to a 93% increase in your auto insurance rates. This type of incident stays on your insurance for three years chargeability for premium and a loss of the Good Driver Discount in California for 10 years.

The bottom line: the safer and less you drive, the less you will pay on your auto insurance premium. Some suggestions: Carpool whenever possible, bike to work if you’re close enough, and always practice safe driving habits to avoid citations and  higher auto insurance rates.

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