The main difference you’ll notice when working with an independent insurance company verses a traditional insurance company is you will be receiving a service, not a product. As an independent agency, we don’t see your insurance policy as a tangible product, rather a contractual promise that you will pay for the coverage you receive.

As an independent agent, we strive to continue our relationship with our clients and not end our relationship after the sale of your policy. We look at the sale of your insurance policy as the start of a long lasting relationship. By choosing to work with us, you not only purchase a valuable policy that will offer you and your family protection, but you also gain an adviser who you can count on whenever you are in need.

As your independent agent, we take the time to explain the value-added difference. We are here to advise, educate, and make sure you are properly covered in all categories. We believe we are achieving our goal of providing the best possible insurance services and products to our customers because we continue to build our agency predominately on referrals.

Randy Jones Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency, striving to provide California residents with personalized, experienced insurance services. We are always available to answer your questions or advise you on any of your insurance needs in home, auto, life and health.   Contact us today and begin a long term relationship with one of our independent agents. And, if you are a current client, refer a friend or family member. You can be confident we’ll take good care of them!