As the California drought continues to worsen, it becomes increasingly more important that we do our part to recycle and conserve water. Here are some helpful water recycling and water conservation tips for you might not know:

  • Try this double dipper! Rather than recycling 5 different plastic water bottles each day, purchase a reusable water bottle. This will allow you to not only conserve water, but reduce your carbon footprint on the world as well.
  • When you properly maintain your appliances, they use water more efficiently. Likewise, regular maintenance also promotes longevity in appliances, reducing the decomposition strain on the environment.
  • Look for more energy-efficient appliances and household items that are made with more sustainable material and promote water conservation.
  • Most importantly, spread the word! Awareness of the severity of the California drought will encourage others to do their part as well!

Contact Randy Jones Insurance for all of your California insurance needs. Located in Pleasanton, California, we understand the importance of saving water during the severe California drought, and encourage you to do your part!