As the calendar turns over to a new year, it is a perfect time to review all your basic insurance building blocks for your family.

At RJINS we believe the base for successful insurance planning as part of your overall financial well-being should include six main insurance components to secure your family’s insurance foundation.  These six components are:  auto, home, umbrella, health, life and disability income protection.

We recommend that you review all of these building blocks to make sure they are up to date for your family’s personal situation(s) if you may already have them in place or, if you don’t have one or any of the above, we recommend you check into putting them in place. Things you should ask yourself:

  1. Are your auto and home policies/coverages enough to cover losses in the event of a major claim?
  1. Do you carry enough life insurance to protect your family in the event of a pre-mature death?
  1. If you become totally disabled and cannot continue to work, do you have disability income protection through your employer or a private policy in force?
  1. With the new health care mandates, do you have a health plan that will protect you and your family in the event of a major accident or illness?

All of these insurance coverages are at the heart of a family’s “healthy insurance planning”. Give us a call or email us if you’d like us to call you to answer any questions you might have about insurance or to review your existing insurances. We’d be happy to help! Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2014!