Rainy weather and wet conditions can make the road a hazardous place. When driving in the rain, you need to adjust your habits to compensate for water on the road and for reduced visibility. Follow these safe driving tips to protect yourself, your car and others on the road.

Wait a Bit

The first few hours of a rainstorm are the most dangerous for drivers on the road, according to Edmunds. The rain water mixes with oil and dirt on the road, making conditions extra slippery. If you don’t have to be somewhere right away, try waiting a bit before heading out on the road, to give the oil time to rinse away.

Give Drivers Space

You should maintain a safe following distance at all times on the road. Doing so is especially critical when it’s wet out, as your car will need more time to break. Leave at least two car lengths between your vehicle and the one in front, if not more.

Give Drivers More Warning

Start to slow down and stop earlier than you would in good conditions. Gently press on the brakes, so that your brakes lights turn on and let the driver behind you know that you’re slowing down.

Most importantly, drive slowly and be as alert as possible when driving in the rain. Check that your auto insurance is up to date and that your policy fits your needs. If it’s time for a new policy and you live in the Bay Area or Tri-Valley, contact Randy Jones Insurance.