Veteran’s Day is right around the corner and Veterans Day  parades will be held in cities across the nation to acknowledge and thank our heroes who have kept, and continue to keep,  America and others  free.  But few people probably know the history behind this special day:

  • Veteran’s Day, also known as Armistice Day, is November 11th. While WWI officially ended with the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919, fighting actually ceased when an armistice went into effect on November 11, 1918 and was considered the unofficial end to the war.
  • The original concept for the celebration of this day was to observe it with parades, public meetings and and celebrations and a brief suspension of businesses beginning at 11:00 am. Today most people get shorter work or school days to participate in activities to honor veterans.
  • It was not made an official holiday until May 13, 1938 when an act of Congress  approved marking it as a legal holiday to honor veterans and a day dedicated to world peace.

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