Learn how your homeowners insurance gives you the coverage you may need.

Homeowners insurance is an important component in protecting your home from disaster. It affords you the resources that you need to pick up the pieces after a disaster. From rebuilding your home after a fire to replacing stolen or damaged personal possessions, having a homeowners insurance policy in force can help you put your life back together.  When it comes to your coverage, it’s important to be knowledgeable about both the limits of your coverage and what is covered. Feel free to give us a call at Randy Jones Ins. Services, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about homeowner insurance and why it’s important to have it!

Weather Disasters.

Homeowners insurance can cover a variety of weather-related damages however,  it’s important to note that there are certain “acts of nature” or “acts of God”, as they are referred to in the insurance field, that are not covered. Two of these are flooding and earthquakes. To protect against these types of disasters, you would need to secure separate flood and earthquake insurance policies. If you are interested in either of these types of coverage, give us a call and we can help you with the options available.

Non-Weather Related Disasters.

From house fires to vandalism to theft, there are a variety of non-weather-related disasters that can threaten your home. However, that doesn’t mean your home is protected from anything and everything. We recommend you familiarize yourself with your homeowners insurance policy by reviewing it and if you have any questions/concerns give your insurance agent a call for clarifications on “covered perils” and “non-covered perils”.  you consult with a list of covered perils under your policy so that you know exactly what your policy covers. If you think you might need additional coverage or just want to review your policy, feel free to give us a call at Randy Jones Insurance. We’re here to help.